The biotechnology industry requires cleanrooms and controlled environments that are able to precisely regulate the concentration of airborne particles as well as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. Within this sector, there are a variety of biological clean room applications, including, but not limited to: R&D laboratories, production facilities, bioexclusion zones and laboratory animal breeding facilities. Our cleanrooms provide a controlled atmosphere where particulate and microbial contamination is easily controlled, thereby preventing the introduction and proliferation of any unwanted substances that might contaminate the otherwise sterile environment. Additionally, clean room surfaces are impervious to liquids and chemicals, making them easy to maintain and clean, and can withstand up to four times as much force of impact as compared to the leading competitor’s surface finish product.
Biological cleanrooms play an important role in the biotechnology research, as they help to ensure that scientific data is reliable and not distorted due to contamination. Additionally, in biotech and pharmaceutical production and/or manufacturing facilities, these controlled environments play an important role in product quality.