Total Clean room solution from Detailed Engineering to Commissioning and validation with single point of contact.

Contracting (HVAC)
Since we are in to TAB services, it becomes even easier for us to implement design parameters correctly during execution of the projects. And any deviation later stages during the project execution due to then current situation or change in the plan and/or concept the necessary design change parameter can be incorporated in to the project by our self with approval of the customer/ Consultants.
Validation (Clean room)
With our state of art equipments and procedure and documentation in compliance with the international standards, we can systematically carry out and produce the best documents without any error.
Qualification (HVAC)
Our we established qualification documentation will be as a Bible for the system installed which describes clearly the Purpose, Scope, Responsibility, Data, Specifications, Checklist, Diagrams, Drawings, Test certificates, Change control, Review and summary, Evaluation and Conclusions and finally approval.

Maintenance (HVAC)

HVAC is a heart of the facility and needs to be maintained regularly by highly dedicated and skilled team of professional and technicians. Now we are also focusing on this area of activity and will take up the complete Operation and Maintenance of the HVAC allowing customer to focus on his core area of business.

Our Strength

We have three people in the board, well qualified and experienced in Pharmaceutical Industries as employees and Service providers.