based in Bangalore with its operation all over India, to have focus on Clean room HVAC Validation it has team of professionals and consortium with rich experience in the field.Overall MHR TECHNO SOLUTIONS can be a partner in providing the best engineering services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Hospital, and Electronics Industries

HVAC / Clean Room Turn Key Projects

  • AHU design and installation
  • HVAC design and complete solution with turn key projects.
  • Plant Maintenance and AMC for machines.

Cleanroom Validation Services

With our state of art equipments and procedure and documentation in compliance with the international standards, we can systematically carry out cleanroom validation like

  • Air Velocity uniformity test.
  • Pressure Balancing.
  • HEPA Filter Integrity Test .
  • Particle Count test.
  • Recovery Test.Air Flow Patter test with video graphy.

Core Business

Team of highly dedicated professionals with more than ten years of experience each are working exclusively for Pharmaceutical Industries (Clean rooms) and very closely related industries,

  •  Pharmaceutical Production.
  •  Biotech.
  •  Medical Devices Manufacturing.
  •  Hospitals.
  •  Electronics Industries.


  • HEPA & ULPA filters
  • Bespoke filter housings
  • Safe-change housings
  • Scan probes, safe change bags and rings
  •  Sales of All Kind of Filters, Like Pre, Fine HEPA, Manipulate, BIBO and FFU

The manufacture of medical devices is subject to stringent and comprehensive regulations. The type of the medical device determines the cleanliness requirement of the environment. For most device classes, contamination control is achieved through the use of a clean room facility. A clean room is a controlled environment where products are manufactured, in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. These contaminants are generated by people, process, facilities and equipment and must be continually removed from the air.


Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Hospital, and Electronics Industries